Human resource department act in the awareness of this basic principle when recruiting committed and qualified staff or further qualification of them in the company. We also practice contemporary human resources management methods for raising the motivation, increasing the productivity.


During selection and recruitment process we attach great importance that the candidate fulfills the requirement of the advertised position and passes to the company profile with his/her character and capabilities. Our employees pass through strict eligibility and interview processes after which they are accordingly selected.


After engagement the employee goes through an orientation program. The project involves on-site training of the staff, a great deal of coordination with a host of different departments within the company, minor and major system adjustments and of course a lot of learning on the job.

We regularly conduct objectives discussions and monitor progress, development and the contentment of our staff. Furthermore we pay attention to the continuous training of our staff and encourage advanced education and instruction courses.

A fast change of the technology in today’s globalized world makes continuous qualification of the employees necessary to be one step ahead of the hard competition. This is also important for increasing satisfaction and motivation of the staff.


A competitive base wage which is fair for the business values and wage policy is identified for each position. Besides the basic wage, extra benefit packages are arranged for the position, in accordance with the business evaluation system.

Our tariff system consists of three blocks:

Base wage
Performance-based payments and performance bonuses
Other monthly remuneration (benefits, grant, over time work, travel expenses etc…


Management of the company supports continuous qualification of the staff and teams which is remunerated. Recognition of employees skills, qualifications, liability is a success factor for the company.


The teams and employees are rewarded with specific incentives for suggesting improvements that can be successfully implemented and for hitting quality targets.

From all given suggestions yearly avarage of 80% is implemented. The employees know the positions and processes which can be enhanced.